Monday, May 13, 2024

Check out the recording of Single Payer 101!
May 12, 2024 Dear health justice advocate, Did you miss our “Single Payer 101” webinar last week? If you did, not to worry! We have a recording of the session, which was led by PNHP Vice President Dr. Diljeet Singh. Even if you weren’t able to watch live, this is one webinar you won’t want to skip. Dr. Singh describes the current state of U.S. health care, the urgent need for reform, and what we could have if we embraced a Medicare-for-All program that brought everybody in and left nobody out. Watch and share our “Single Payer 101” session >>> video HERE Here are some additional resources from last week’s webinar: Slideshow used during “Single Payer 101” Recording of “Single Payer 101” We also encourage you to register HERE for our next webinar, “Taking Advantage: How Corporate Health Insurers HARM America’s Seniors” on Monday, June 3 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern. Thank you for continuing to fight the good fight! In solidarity, PNHP Organizing Team

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