Friday, April 14, 2023

Researchers find flaws in WI Medicaid restrictions bill, and in the ideas behind it

They damn well better include a big increase in $ for staff to do all this crap. I agree that redetermination of eligibility, no more frequently than annually, might be a good idea -- BUT. They are including doing this twice a year and adding all kinds of paperwork/steps for the recipient AND for the public servants -- with no $ for the staff time. This just would add more barriers to folks getting medical care and WI already is one of the only states to NOT take advantage of expanded MA eligibility. "DHS must determine an individual's eligibility every six months under the bill. DHS is also prohibited from using prepopulated forms or otherwise supplying information, except for name and address, to a recipient under the BadgerCare Plus program that has been supplied to DHS. Additionally, any recipient under the BadgerCare Plus program that fails to timely report to DHS or its designee any change that may affect eligibility is ineligible for benefits for six months from the date DHS discovers the failure to report the change. Under current law, knowingly concealing or failing to disclose any event that an individual knows affects the initial or continued right to a Medical Assistance benefit is subject to a forfeiture of not less than $100 nor more than $15,000 for each concealment or failure."   Article # 1 Aricle #2