Sunday, May 20, 2007

An F In Health Care - An F In Health Care
This links to comments on a recent study by the Commonwealth Fund. It has good data on how much we spend comparatively and how little we get for it. It makes some false conclusions about other countries providing 'insurance' for all. Many do a form of single payer and don't just have mandatory insurance with some government subsidy. If we perpetuate the system of insurance, high deductibles and second guessing doctors, the cost of universal access will be too high. Single payer is the only way we can afford to do this.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

What's Wrong With American Medicine?

What's Wrong With American Medicine? | Health & Medicine | DISCOVER Magazine
"It’s no secret that our lack of a rational, single-payer health system has allowed market forces (read: middlemen) to trump health needs."

Some very interesting comments in these book reviews.

You're fired! Take these millions and go - You're fired! Take these millions and go
This story epitomizes what is at the core of this Country's not creating a universal single payer health care system. The rich are overly protected, (so much so it can make you physically ill just to contemplate how unfair and utterly ridiculous it is), and lack of adequate health care is treated as something you must face if you are not "worthy". It is your fault that you can't afford it. That has been the mantra for "welfare". The problem with applying it to health care is that it affects more and more of middle income America. This attitude of 'to hell with the poor and let's just benefit the rich' has got to stop controlling what this country does. This article illustrates just how out of control we have let it become.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Fix health care? Mayo's on the case

Fix health care? Mayo's on the case
Many of us are served by the Mayo system (or work for it). This idea of "Pay for Value" is not a surprise coming from them. They did have two of their priorities as "health insurance for all" and "a better way to pay for it". Universal care via a single payer system would do that. Wish they'd see the light.
They want to have a system that pays more to the "most efficient" providers. They think they are losing money by being more efficient. Not sure about that but I am sure they would save a bundle if they didn't have to have so many employees processing detailed bills to so many insurance companies.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007 - UnitedHealth notes stir dispute - UnitedHealth notes stir dispute
And this is the Minnesota company that can't be an official MN HMO because the law requires that all MN HMOs be non-profit. However, that doesn't keep the HMOs from contracting with them for various services.