Thursday, July 13, 2023

Rose Roach talks about nurses, unions, single-payer. July 11, 2023 at OPS Office Hours

Joel Clemmer via Jul 12, 2023, 7:32 PM (12 hours ago) to GreatNorthernHealth Minnesota had a great legislative system and that goes for healthcare reform, too. Rose Roach is former head of MN Nurses Union and current head of Healthcare for Minnesota NOW and she is the perfect person to summarize. She just did so in a presentation to One Payer States. See the announcement below. Typical for Rose, it is high-energy and very pertinent. I especially liked her spontaneous editorial on MN Attorney General Ellison. The direct URL is . Joel Clemmer Rose gave an excellent presentation last night at the Tuesday, July 11, 2023, OPS Office Hours. Topic: Unions, Nurses, State-based Universal Healthcare Click HERE view her slides and text. Click HERE to view. the video Speaker: Rose Roach, Volunteer director of Unions for Single Payer Rose discussed foundational legislation passed in the recent Minnesota state session that will play a role in Minnesota's overall strategy to make single-payer possible. She addressed specific lessons learned related to the nurses but applicable to all of us effectively fighting the medical-industrial complex. She also described Health Care for All MN multi-year statewide campaign to pass the state single-payer bill, the MN Health Plan. Please donate to One Payer States. Your contributions keep these crucial conversations coming to help you educate, agitate, and activate. Mike Huntington 541-829-1182 Secretary, One Payer States

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