Friday, March 12, 2021

Providers Blast Medicare Spending Cuts in COVID Relief Package

Providers Blast Medicare Spending Cuts in COVID Relief Package Comment by Don McCanne The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 - a much needed $1.9 trillion economic stimulus bill - was signed into law by President Joe Biden this week. But as the celebration dies down, we should address what some may say are the "intended" consequences of this bill. It's a godsend to the private insurance industry, and, further, it doesn't just move the concept of a single payer Medicare for All program to the bottom of the policy heap, it actually dumps the heap into a shredder as the private insurance industry capitalizes on control of health care financing in America. For providers who are celebrating, they should remind themselves of the pending automatic spending cuts in Medicare. Nice penalty for a job well done. We really can fix this so everyone - the patients and their partners in the health care delivery system - can fare well. We merely need to enact and implement a single payer, improved Medicare for All program. Do you think we can get it done before the sunset of the two year provisions in the economic stimulus plan? It will be an uphill struggle when the Biden administration keeps dismissing us with the claim, "We've already fixed health care!" Yes, for the private insurers, but we can do much better by targeting the patients instead.

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