Monday, October 29, 2018

Here's an argument for single-payer healthcare | PennLive Letters |

Here's an argument for single-payer healthcare | PennLive Letters | It makes financial sense.
This helps point out some basic issues in a simple form. Choice of provider should not mean the choice of an insurance company. Cost of advertising and profits and high insurance company exec pay should not be considered part of the cost of my actually getting health care. Medicare Advantage Plans should not be the model for a new system - it costs too much and takes our freedom of choice away. There is a big difference between the concept behind Medicare For All and Medicare Advantage. Original Medicare planning did not include giving us all away to the control of for-profit insurance companies. That evolved via $ from insurance companies in lobbying and campaign work. Medical Care For All is what we all are thinking of when we hear and see the pitch of Medicare For All. The concept of insurance should not apply to our access to basic health care services. Insurance companies do not provide health care. They "manage" it. They manage us patients and they manage our doctors. They manage us all to maximize profits, NOT to maximize our health. Their goal is to reduce our access to care so as to increase profits. They are responsible for this county's high cost of health care because their costs are included in those numbers. We can provide universal access by taking their costs out of the equation.

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