Monday, October 30, 2017

It will be a tale of 2 countries as open enrollment begins | National |

It will be a tale of 2 countries as open enrollment begins | National |

People in Wisconsin need help.

People in Wisconsin need help with this.  Volunteers are needed.  Please reach out. There are only six weeks to apply - Nov. 1 to Dec. 15.

Ways to start:

Apply for Badger Care or Medical Assistance and if not eligible, they'll be referred for ACA.
This site can get them started -

Find help from Assistors/Navigators:
Enter their zip, click on their city, click Continue.
Agents are insurance agents and Assisters are Navigators.
Click on the x by Agents to get just the list of Assisters.  Agents would need to be checked with locals to make sure they would give a fair unbiased offering.
These Assisters are the ones who have had their Fed funding cut so getting time with them may be hard.

You could sit down with the person and on a computer go to:
You could help them wade through the on-line application process.
Calling 800-318-2596 should get you a human to help with the process.  (Available 24/7 except national holidays - Thanksgiving the only one for the enrollment period) They say they will help talk through the application process.  You and the person you are helping could be at a computer, use your phone with speaker on, call the ACA rep and, hopefully, get through the application process.
Your laptop and public places with wifi could be used as could other public places like libraries.

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