Friday, April 1, 2011

Plain Talk: How corporate spin sets public agenda

Plain Talk: How corporate spin sets public agenda:
Great column on Potter's book.
An excerpt: "Specifically, “Deadly Spin” describes how the health insurance industry has been able to demonize any plan to improve health coverage for Americans, including so-called ObamaCare, which for the first time expands health coverage to millions of citizens who have had to go without in our terribly broken health system.
Potter insists that much of the vehement anti-health care reform rhetoric trumpeted by Republican politicians and “angry” tea partiers is being orchestrated and underwritten by for-profit insurance corporations. While those corporations assure consumers they really care about consumers’ health, the truth, according to Potter, is that millions die as a result of inadequate health care, and it’s all aimed at increasing profits."
If above link to article doesn't work, try this one.

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