Friday, August 28, 2009

Chris Gay: Can't the free market work for health care?

Chris Gay: Can't the free market work for health care? |
This is a great opinion piece on how for profit insurance IS the problem.
Caused me to make these comments:

Remove the Millionaire Middleman

Insurance is an experiment that has failed as a part of our health care system. The red tape and high CEO salaries associated with hundreds of insurance/HMO companies is the major part of wasted cost. They add no value to my health care. They take my time to figure out paperwork and they take much time of doctor's offices and hospitals to figure out all the different billing rules and forms. No one wants government to own and operate all medical services such as clinics, hospitals, dental care and drug stores. Why do people even think that is being considered? The only function of use that an insurance company plays in our health care system is to pay bills. All the rest is a waste, especially the millions paid to all those CEOs. Health insurance should be non-profit, hospitals should be non-profit and neither should be allowed to make campaign contributions or lobby our elected officials.

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