Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One thing safe in health reform: Jobs

One thing safe in health reform: Jobs
Follow the link to this article. Statements being made by those companies and politicians fighting any reform in our health care payment system are often untrue or very mis-leading and NOT based on sound research or real facts. This column shows one of these concerning the assertion that requiring employers to pay in will cause a lose of jobs. NOT.
But, I also urge you focus on how this relates to the real reform we need -- a one payer system that allows access to care for all - "everyone in - nobody out".
We can accomplish this reform by shifting around how our system is paid for. If I am an employer who provides insurance, I am contributing money. If that money now goes to a single payer system and stays about the same, I don't see how I get hurt. I will gain by not having to put the insurance out for bids and have my human resource employees dealing with insurance coverage issues. If I work for that place, I am paying toward my premiums, I am paying a co-pay and I am paying a deductible. If I pay that amount of money to a single payer system and I stop having to deal with bills and figuring out what I really owe and fighting to get things covered and trying to hide certain medical facts that will put my coverage at risk - I am better off. If I look at my doc's office and see that I now only have to bill one place instead of 200 insurance companies, a couple of welfare programs, Medicare and deal with collections of co-pays and deductibles from patients and have rates set uniformly instead of private payers needing to subsidize for non or under payers -- I will save money and net out as much as I now have as income. So, we need to stop having coverage tied to a job. Requiring empoyers to help pay for this -- but likely not more than they now pay anyway - will not cause layoffs and will put them all on a more even playing field for recruitment.

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