Friday, August 22, 2008

Universal health makes 'cents' - Paradise Post

Universal health makes 'cents' - Paradise Post: "Reinhardt says, 'This is what some politicians cannot get through their heads. They talk about socialized medicine like it were something evil. These systems use socialized insurance to socialize the financial risk of getting sick - but the delivery system is private, often a for-profit mix. If you want to look at a purely socialized health care, you would have to go to the United States, where we have it. That's the system we reserve for our veterans.
So if I hear politicians run down socialized medicine - and I have done that before the Congress - I say, 'Do you hate your veterans? Why do you reserve purely socialized medicine - there's only the U.S. and Cuba that have that - for the veterans.' Americans keep telling me they hate government. I tell them: 'Man, I've got a country for you: Go to Afghanistan. They don't have one.'' Cheng adds, 'America is the only developed country that doesn't have universal health insurance. A country's health care system reflects its basic social values.'"

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