Saturday, August 25, 2007

LTE on Healthy Wisconsin

Helping others

Almost everyone in the state and country knows that the availability and cost of health care is a catastrophic problem for many. It is for this reason that concerned Democrats in the state Senate worked and crafted a health care program for Wisconsin called “Healthy Wisconsin.”

Under this plan, everyone in Wisconsin (except seniors and Medicaid-eligible people) will receive health care with the same coverage as that received by our legislators, while providing statewide savings of $1.5 billion.

While this program is being acclaimed by other states as a model, “Healthy Wisconsin” and the senators who developed this program are being attacked rather viciously, and the State Assembly is dragging its feet on approval.

Be aware that this program is not socialized medicine, it is not a single-payer plan (although more money would be saved if it was) and it will not increase taxes. In fact, if implemented, this plan will provide all city, county and town governments and school districts significant savings and reduce property taxes for their citizens.

Why then is there such strong opposition by most Republicans? Is it because they really don’t understand the seriousness of the problem? Is it because they receive financial contributions from companies and business profiting from the current system? Don’t they really care about people less well off than themselves? I keep asking these questions, and my answer to all of them comes out, “Yes.”

Investigate the plan yourself by going to a town hall meeting near you. I guarantee you will come home knowing that “Healthy Wisconsin” goes a long way in solving or reducing the health care crisis in Wisconsin. Don’t let this opportunity escape by allowing opposition from people who seemingly do not have a great deal of compassion for others less fortunate than themselves.

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