Thursday, April 26, 2007

Single payer idea has a long way to go

Just 33%favor National Health Insurance. The need to educate about single payer is still the most important thing we can do.


Craig said...

Kip Sullivan's comments:
The wording of the Rasmusson poll is the problem. If you read the question they posed ("Do you support a single-payer system overseen by the federal government,") they didn't ask about "national health coverage" nor did they ask about single-payer in a manner that permitted respondents to understand it. If they had asked whether people support universal coverage, 70-85% would have said yes. If they had asked whether people support single-payer in a manner that allowed people to understand it, for example, referring to it as Medicare-for-all, 64% would have said yes according to a 2003 ABC News poll.


Mary said...

Thanks for clearing that up, Kip. It makes me feel better. The wording of the question makes all the difference as does our wording when we talk about single payer.