Monday, March 5, 2007

Put All Public Employees in One Big Pool

Here is an article from the Pioneer Press on the recent Minnesota legislative proposal for all public school teachers to be in one state wide pool. I want to throw out two extensions of that concept for consideration.
1. Why not combine ALL public employees in one huge pool? That would be all public school, county, city and state employees.
2. The idea of creating more negotiating power with the insurance companies isn't going to work, (they will still control cost and services). So, why not take such a large pool of people and put them in a single payer system controlled by the state and thus save the money that goes to the middle man? If too many are paranoid about the state's ability to do it, then create a single payer consortium modeled after the successful County Based purchasing organizations or, as a last resort, bid it out to one private vendor.

Craig Brooks

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