Friday, July 10, 2015

[Report] | Wrong Prescription?, by Trudy Lieberman | Harper's Magazine

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Comments from Kip Sullivan:

"I'm passing along an article in the latest Harper's that you must read.
The author is Trudy Lieberman, a writer I have long enjoyed reading.

main argument is that the ACA has given Republicans what they have
always wanted -- a health care system that forces Americans to buy
high-deductible policies from the insurance industry. She quotes Obama
saying the ACA reflects Republican principles.

Her secondary
point is that the Republican/ACA system is doing nothing to lower costs,
and is shifting more and more costs onto the backs of patients.

article confirms my belief that the ACA is going to become even more
unpopular in a few years than it is now, which is to say it's going to
become an even heavier albatross around the necks of Democrats than it
is now. The question is how badly the ACA will damage Democrats and the
movement for universal coverage in any form -- single- or
multiple-payer. I entertain the possibility that the backlash could be
so severe Republicans will take control of the White House and both
houses of Congress in 2020 and repeal whatever is left of the ACA. To
forestall the backlash, Democrats must do more than run from the ACA or
dig in their heels and defend it.


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