Monday, July 6, 2015

Great Comment was Posted to the Last Article Below

From:     doktada
Medicare is a nice term like Medicaid or NHS (National Health Service), but they been under siege in recent decades. I went to a recent retirement planning event and Medicare was explained. It's better than basic insurance but still has holes in it. A lot of money can be saved by using the single payer concept. Let's put it in terms a business can understand. How does it work ? 4 simple rules:

1. Who is covered? Everyone
2. What is covered ? Everything
3. Who controls care ? Patient and doctor (provider)
4. Who pays ? Government pays providers (workers pay Medicare tax)

What's in it for business (those job creators) ?
1. No more health insurance part of benefits department
2. No more negotiating for corporate healthplans
3. No more training employees on how their plan works
4. No corporate health insurance premium subsidies.

How's it save money ?
1. The trillion dollar insurance middleman eliminated
2. Government has larger economies of scale.
3. Less or no profit points saves employers and employees money
4. Results in healthier population. Tens of thousands less deaths annually from postponing care until too late.

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