Tuesday, February 5, 2019

What do Democrats actually mean by Medicare for all?

What do Democrats actually mean by Medicare for all?: Up until recently, most of the Democratic hopefuls for 2020 have gotten away with being vague about what they mean by “Medicare for all.”
The political process is frustrating but cannot be ignored.  Taking steps in the right direction is what is important and now is the opportunity to take some really big steps.
Personally, I urge all to consider out detrimental is has been to allow profit to be a core value in how our health care is accessed.  Getting health care is NOT like getting a car or a house or a suit.  It is like getting the fire department to come when your house is burning or the police to come when you are robbed or the city to come patch that pothole.  I hate the idea that profits are made from heart attacks, auto accidents, cancer, etc.

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