Thursday, November 2, 2017

Wisconsinites Need Help -- LTE

Health Care Coverage

It can be hard to figure out. If you are lucky enough to have insurance at work, great. If you have friends, neighbors or relatives who aren’t sure what they have or they have nothing, now is a time to help them figure it out. If you need help figuring it out, there is some available. If you want to first check out the Affordable Care Act, there are places to look. The ACA and ObamaCare are the same thing. It still exists and actually, in spite of all the confusion, will be less costly for many. One really important thing to remember is that the only time to apply for the 2018 ACA insurance in Wisconsin is from Nov. 1st through Dec. 15th.
The web site is [] and a web site for help in Wisconsin is []
The ACA phone # is 800-318-2596 available 24/7.
There are Navigators available weekdays such as:
Eau Claire 855-792-5439
LaCrosse 800-742-5627
(others are listed on the ACA web site as Assisters)

If you or others you know need help with figuring it out or need internet access to apply, call and leave a message at:
[641-715-3900, Ext. 25790#]
Someone will get back to you ASAP to line up some help.
Good Health to All.

Craig Brooks
Great Northern States Health Care Initiative

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