Saturday, September 10, 2016

Lower-income workers get less health care with HSA-eligible health plans


Comment by Don McCanne

Yes, this is yet another report that confirms that enrolling in HSA-eligible
high-deductible health plans is associated with a decline in physician
visits and in high-value preventive services. This negative impact
occurs across all income levels but is twice as great amongst
lower-income individuals than it is for those with higher incomes.

Yet we continue to see a significant increase in enrollment in
high-deductible plans whether or not they are associated with a health
savings account. Slowing health care spending by reducing the use of
beneficial health care services is not the type of health care policy we
should be supporting.

Our current policies are creating more financial barriers to care; they are reducing our choices
in our health care professionals; they are increasing administrative
waste, and they have have inflamed an epidemic of physician burnout.
Yet we continue to let the medical-industrial wonks lead us down this path
to the everlasting bonfire.

Hey, aren’t we wonks too? We know a far better path - one that leads to health care nirvana. Why aren’t we doing the leading?

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