Thursday, April 2, 2015

Legislature must deal with HMO data disclosure and auditing

Quote from reviewer : 
"Thanks to the watchdogging of Greater Minnesotan Health Care Coalition, which has consistently pointed out the failure of our state government to control the spending of the HMOs to which it outsourced our government-subsidized health programs.  The HMOs continue to make hollow claims that they are cost-effective in delivering health care, and they have tricked the Legislators into believing that they have been completely accountable in how they spend our tax money.  But numerous government investigations into the deceptive and non-transparent labyrinth of accounting for how patients are treated always show that the HMOs remain non-accountable to taxpayers; meanwhile, HMOs extort more and more money each year.  HMOs are deficient, not efficient.  They are a disgrace to Minnesota.    
For Legislative liberation from the illusion of HMO “cost-efficiency,”

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