Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The case for universal care at the state level | StarTribune.com

The case for universal care at the state level | StarTribune.com:
"Here's what we found: If Minnesota adopted a unified system with a statewide risk pool, continuous coverage, a common benefit set, and uniform payment rates and reimbursement rules, the annual administrative savings would approach $5 billion. The negotiating clout of a single buyer could save Minnesotans nearly $1 billion on prescription drugs and medical equipment. And with a single claims administrator and the subpoena powers of a state program, we could reduce fraud and realize another $200 million in savings. Paying for the system with a progressive tax structure, rather than increasingly expensive premiums, would reduce average health care costs for all households, except for those in the very highest income brackets."
The full report [Beyond the Affordable Care Act: An Economic Analysis of a Unified System of Health Care for Minnesota] mentioned in the article is available at this link.

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