Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Report: Systems to catch Medicaid fraud inadequate

Click Here for article: Report: Systems to catch Medicaid fraud inadequate

It is always interesting to note that this medical vendor fraud issue always comes out relative to Medicare/Medicaid government payments. The majority of such fraud relates to the private insurance companies --the ones we all use and those same ones actually handle/pay the bulk of the Medicare/Medicaid medical bills. Those private insurance company problems with fraud are hidden from us - even when it affects our personal premiums and our tax burden. They hide it for business reasons -- competition. They hide it the same as credit card companies and banks avoid public notice of fraud. If all the medical bills were paid with the same system, monitoring and investigation would be much easier. With literally hundreds of medical bill payers out there (not including all of us individuals paying bills) the complexity just aids the fraudulent vendors.

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