Thursday, January 27, 2011

Minnesota health CEOs taking a whack at Medicaid |

Minnesota health CEOs taking a whack at Medicaid | "- Sent using Google Toolbar"
HMOs and hospitals (many of whom are owned by HMOs) recommending cuts to care and cuts to non-hospital providers does not look good. The HMOs actually need to be taken out of the system in order to save money. No record has ever been made of whether or not it is cheaper for the tax payer to use the HMOs or not. That would usually mean it is not cheaper and the HMOs are using their millions of campaign contributions and lobbying money to keep from being held accountable. Red tape wastes time and money. I can tell you that when a vendor needs to deal with five plus HMOs to process bills for poor people it is much more expensive than dealing with one pay source. They all have different paperwork, processes, what and how the cover care and different auditing methods. It all drives up the cost and takes money from actual medical care. Funneling tax money to 7 and 9 figure incomes of HMO CEOs is not my idea of good government policy. I guess it is good for the campaign coffers of our elected reps. I just wish they remembered who they were elected to represent.

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