Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Obamacare shows off country's can-do spirit

Jerome Column: Obamacare shows off country's can-do spirit

A positive spin from a small town editor. Click on the link to read the column.
An excerpt: "There's been a lot of manufactured drama over the past few months. Folks dressing up in frock coats and tricorn hats have been kicking up a fuss, doing their best to scare the people into believing that making sure everybody can take their kids to the doctor is an idea Joe Stalin cooked up in the bowels of the Kremlin and that any attempt to guarantee basic medical care is as good as a ticket to the Gulag.

For month's we've heard the "No We Can't" crowd tell us that the United States of America wasn't able to do what Germany, Great Britain, France, Canada and Iceland can do. They told us we're not as resourceful as Spain, as prosperous as Cuba, as self-disciplined as Italy. Well, they're wrong, and it's about time for the costume party patriots to quit selling our country short. First of all, to the all those angry, frustrated folks demanding "I want my country back!" - it's not your country ... it's our country. Each of us has equal claim. For that matter, I'm not sure what country it is you want back or why it is you feel you've lost it."

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