Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Health group launches $1M ad buy - Carrie Budoff Brown - POLITICO.com

Health group launches $1M ad buy - Carrie Budoff Brown - POLITICO.com: "A conservative group is launching a $1 million ad buy Tuesday designed to tap into fears about the U.S. moving toward a nationalized system of health care.

Conservatives for Patient Rights
will run a month of 60-second ads on CNN and Fox News that feature doctors from Britain and Canada describing the pitfalls of their nations’ health care."

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Life Insurance Canada said...

Here we go again. It seems to happen every time Americans try health care reform in this country. Very powerful interests always derail it. That's why Americans have more people without health care than any other western country. I knew the Republicans would oppose all change in the system, and so will the doctors and insurance companies. They always have in the past. Strange situation.

Take care, Lorne